What is the process for finding and securing an apartment in Warsaw?

The process is a lot like you might expect in other countries but there can be some surprises.  Due to a high demand, turnover of apartments can be quick. There are many online sites with listings however you have dig through the details of each listing to be able to truly compare your options.

  Sometimes the monthly administrative fees are included in the monthly rent, sometimes they are listed separately. Sometimes the rent for a spot in the garage is listed separately.  The cheapest and best places usually are quickly reserved so it’s good to be proactive in your search or work with an agent who knows of upcoming vacancies that match your needs.

The apartment we call and ask about in Polish may be available even though you just asked about it in English or in broken Polish and were told it’s no longer available. 

Some Polish landlords can be skeptical of “foreign” tenants since it only takes one bad personal experience of a tenant who fled the country or even rumors of one to discourage renting to foreigners. In addition, a language barrier often deters some landlords from wanting to rent to foreigners since they may not be able to communicate should any minor issues arise.

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