What is a “contract of occasional lease” or “Umowa Najmu Okazjonalnego?”

A landlord usually agrees to use one of our standard bilingual leases, customized to the needs and requests of the tenant and landlords since the leases are also legally binding. However at times a Landlord may request a “Umowa Najmu Okazjonalnego” or “contract of occasional lease.” This is a more detailed lease including a specific annex that is also completed and signed by a 3rd party residing in Poland who agrees to accept you at their Polish address of residence should you be evicted by the landlord. Because it can be difficult to evict tenants in Poland, particularly single Moms with children, this kind of lease provides a greater level of assurance for landlords when choosing tenants. This type of lease must be notarized in order to effectively use this annex when evicting a tenant.

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