What can I do to reduce the risk that the Landlord keeps my deposit or tries to hold me accountable for “damages” I actually am not responsible for?

It is best to abide by all specific obligations in the lease: Paying rent on time, take care of the property like it were your own, don’t sublease it or throw loud parties. You don’t want to give the landlord any legal grounds to evict you or withhold your deposit. Be sure to take detailed notes of any damages or you identify at the time you sign the lease and document everything in writing or even take photos or videos. If you do notice something broken within the first day or two don’t hesitate to let the landlord know. Communication is key. Most importantly buy a renter’s insurance policy that covers any damages. They are not very expensive and provide good coverage. Informing the landlord you plan to buy a policy can also be an effective bargaining chip when negotiating for the apartment you want. Contact us if you need help regarding one of these policies.

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